Microscopes > YSX 102/107/108 - ENT/Dental/Hair Transplant

YSX 102/107/108 - ENT/Dental/Hair Transplant


Specifications  YSX 108 mark 2

• Straight and tilt head 45 degrees available 

• Focal lengths (f) included (mm): 200, 250, 300 and 400

• Zoom settings 0.6X, 1x, 1.6X

• Total mag depends on focal length and zoom mag selected (eg f400 with 0.6Xmag = 2.25X)

• Halogen tungsten coaxial lamp cold light with power unit. Bulbs are available any part of the world.

• Available Free standing, Ceiling mount, Wall mount and Table mount.

Unique features, due to size of the microscope easy to handle, transport or move from clinic to clinic.

Has additional  assistant observation and CCD camera can be mounted on beam splitter supplied as a feature of this microscope

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