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FireFly Infinity Ultra Headlight



Key Features

• Small and Light weight 
• 54,000+ lux light intensity
• Variety of light clip mounting options
• Lithium Polymer Technology 
•All Day Power (6+ Hours)

The FireFly is one of the smallest, most powerful and lightweight LED lights available on the market. Its high intensity beam gives consistencey of pattern from edge to edge.

The FireFly has an entirley new lithium-polymer battery and charging system that provide the Firefly with unparalleled power in a lightweight, compact and portable design.

The FireFly combines the cost advantages and mobility of traditional LED light with the high illumination levels typically associated with fiber optic lighting. All of these features are achieved without the need for fragile fiber optic cables or expensive bulb replacements. The FireFly headlight weighs less than 30 grams and boasts a light life of 50,000 hours.

This headlight can be clip mounted on Surgical loupes, fixed to headband or goggles or can be custom mounted.

The FireFly is also available with an optional flip-up filter that will prevent the curing of composits under the FireFly's intense beam.

FireFly on a clip or custom ounting - £821
FireFly on a head band or goggles - £880
FireFly filter - £35
Spare battery - £153

Download the FireFly press release here.

£699.00 exc VAT
(£838.80 inc VAT)
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