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Product code: FP001

MODEL: AM-4604

AM-4604 is an ideal surgical microscope for daily endodontic treatment in day clinics and dental office as well as for multi-surgeries.

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Product code: FP002

Not sure of your desired magnification and working distance? Cost too much?

New Z10 & Z11 loupes offer you an innovating way! Experience and enjoy variable magnification and working distance in ONE loupe now!

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Product code: FP003

SUMMIT LifeDopTM Hand-Held Dopplers – L150, L150R, L150A, L250, L250R, L250AR

Reimbursable Vascular (ABI) Systems: L250AB, L250AC, L250AD, L500VA

All probes are interchangeable with main units and include one probe of your choice.


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Product code: FP004

Supplying an operating Light intensity of up to 70,000 lux LED headlights from the SJT Medical range provide the best possible illumination of intricate surgical procedures.

Portable Our LED headlights have the advantage ofbeing fully portable; and as they are powered byrechargeable bat-teries you will always have a ready power supply.

Reducing the reliance on cumbersome overhead lights, SJT LED headlights give You the option to carry on with ease during dental and surgical procedures.

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