Wireless LED Head Light with Camera

This wonderful wireless LED Light has built-in camera. It is Able to record, without power, in MicroSD card. It is used for training and research pupose, it is able to record using MicroSD card. Also able to demonstrate using video cable.
No UV radiation
Suitable for operating because of no heat from the lamp

Surgical and Dental Loupes, Operating Microscopes,Refurbished Microscopes, Dopplers

 is one of the UK's leading  suppliers of a wide range of ultralight TTL(through the lens) and flip up loupes, LED and fiber optic head lights for Dental and surgical professionals, our NEW product is a wonderful Camera fitted LED Head Light.

Ourwide range of Dental and Surgical operating Microscopes offer excellent ergonomic design and give precise fatigue free operation with brilliant three dimension images at large depth of focus. Our microscopes are used in Dental, Ent, Opthalmic surgery and Hair transplant clinics. 

 supplies second hand brand name microscopes Leica and Zeiss fully refurbished in USA (subject to availability).

are Distributors for complete range of Obstetrical and Vascular Dopplers and accessories manufactured by Summit Doppler in USA.

Our staff are highly dedicated, professional and caring.  Helping customers to choose the product as per their requirement and satisfaction. At  we pride ourselves on our unique after sales service.

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